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21st Century Trends in Entrepreneurship

The Trends in Entrepreneurship

21st Century Trends in EntrepreneurshipThe 21st Century began with a boom in all the fields whether it’s technology or academia. Technology remains flourishing till now and new researches keep on inventing every single day. As well as academia is concerned, a discipline like Entrepreneurship keeps on progressing with targeting domains. There are new trends seen in Entrepreneurship. From the start of 21st century till now it continues to emerge. More and more people seeks interest in this discipline of academia.

Some of the new trends that have been seen in Entrepreneurship are the areas which this discipline coveres. The areas in which Entrepreneurship is applied in order to make better business are as follows:

Venture Financing

Venture Financing consist of both venture capital and angel capital. It has a mix of other financing methods that helps the business to flourish that emerged with an exceptional strength, powering entrepreneurship in the twenty-first century.

Corporate Entrepreneurship

Corporate Entrepreneurship deals with the adoption of entrepreneurship within large organizations. In Corporate Entrepreneurship, the entrepreneurial actions and cultures are followed inside the organization. Corporate entrepreneurship has attracted the attention of the C.E.O’s of big firms over the past few years.

Social Entrepreneurship

This entrepreneurship is dealing with how entrepreneurs can help in dealing with the social problems. It mainly focuses on social problem solving.

Entrepreneurial Cognition

Entrepreneurial cognition helps us observing the great variety of entrepreneurs and the techniques they adopted to succeed in their lives and set an example for others to follow.

Women Entrepreneurship

Women entrepreneurship mainly covers 1/3 of all entrepreneurs worldwide. They rose in exceptional numbers. They have the power to face the obstacles and difficulties and to solve them with their thinking and experience.

Family Businesses

It has become a robust focus of research. The economic and social assistances of entrepreneurs with family businesses have been shown to make enormously inconsistent contributions to job creation, innovation and economic renewal.

Entrepreneurial Education

Entrepreneurial Education being the “hot” subjectfor everyone. In the 21st century, entrepreneurship is one of the most wanted disciplines in all the business schools and engineering universities all over the world. Enormous growth have been seen in the teaching this Entrepreneurial Education.


Coffee Shop Gurus (A project of Green & White Pakistan) is a Social Enterprise of Social Media Experts. It is Pakistan’s First Incubator platform to promote youth entrepreneurship and women entrepreneurship in Pakistan. It operates by providing Social Media Services and Internet Marketing Services to corporate sector and also by Coporate Social Resposibility partnerships. Contact us at info [at] greenwhitepakistan [dot] org.

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