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Make Friends: A Must to do for a Successful Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs must make friends
Entrepreneurs Need To Make A lot of Friends!

Entrepreneurs must make friendsMake friends! Hey Entrepreneurs, have you ever heard of this advice from anyone. Avoid people, don’t make a lot of friends and so many other big advises you may have heard.  Sometimes you start following these advises without examining that the consequences that can come your way. You may avoid time-wasting people but everyone is not alike, some can prove to be of great benefits for you. Do not spoil yourself by becoming self-important and dictatorial. If you want to be friendly, you must make an active effort to meet and know others.

Your efforts should be governed by your interests and you should explore every possible field of activity. Suppose if you step out of your personality and look at yourself from a casual acquaintance point of view; what would you see? If you want to make a great impression and get on well with people, you must at least once a day develop a habit of looking at yourself like this. The main reason that we often fail in building strong relations is that we don’t look at our faults or errors. Talking about entrepreneurial process if you fail to make friends you will have to face a lot of trouble.

People are not good at making friends but they can learn how to make friends and make their work grow better and better. An entrepreneur must have influencing skills otherwise it will be almost impossible to make your entrepreneurial venture a success. You can develop this habit by becoming a good listener, giving value to even a small talk, controlling your self-consciousness.

Build an assertive personality to avoid the danger of losing good friends. If we meet or read the successful entrepreneurs they have one thing in common and that is assertiveness. The available study and mentors have made these learning so easy that we can learn and develop our personality. The science of making friends for your entrepreneurial venture can be learned through easy steps. All we need to do is just get up and start practicing what is available. If you learn to develop this quality you will also be amazingly facing difficult people.

Many Entrepreneurs ignore difficult people just because they don’t feel at ease. But remember that as an entrepreneur, you are the core branding element of your business. So get up and make good friends, build your community and enhance your network. Believe us! This can  work wonders for you.
Coffee Shop Gurus (A project of Green & White Pakistan) is a Social Enterprise of Social Media Experts. It is Pakistan’s First Incubator platform to promote youth entrepreneurship and women entrepreneurship in Pakistan. It operates by providing Social Media Services and Internet Marketing Services to corporate sector and also by Corporate Social responsibility partnerships. Contact us at info [at] greenwhitepakistan [dot] org.

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You Can Create Your Own Miracles

You Can Create Your Own Miracles - Coffee Shop Gurus
Do your create miracles in your life?

You Can Create Your Own Miracles - Coffee Shop GurusThere is a saying “I don’t take right decisions; I take decisions and make them right”. Doing something wrong is not a curse, but doing it every time wrongly is what you can’t afford. One thing is for sure a fact that you couldn’t reject i.e. you can do anything but not everything so always be prepared to accept challenges.

You are capable of making your own miracles. It is only possible if you practice and believe that you can do a thing. People are capable of making miracles all of the inventions, learning theories, philosophies, sciences or all of the available knowledge. What were the living standards of inhabitants?

It can be realized by doing a simple exercise i.e. just wake up in the morning and start your day by writing all the things you use throughout the whole day. Just make a flash back and feel all of the available things are not there what will happen to you? Will you be able to do your daily work?

There is always a room for a new trend, invention and need. It is you who will determine the limits. Your attitude will determine your altitude. Your mind will surely tell you that you can’t do a thing but it is your attitude which will teach your brain to be your assistant not you becoming an assistant of your brain.

You have to start working on your dreams. If you feel scared by your dream that believe that you have a big dream. It is very interesting to see dreams but the dreams which you see when you are awakened are your real dreams. You have to date with your dreams not in them.

Make an action plan for the fulfilling your dreams. Strict to it. Make SMART goals. We all listen to these advises and so many more like these. But do we really follow these? Most of us just are good at planning, ideas generation or any activity but we forget the story doesn’t ends here the real-time is the action time. An action without plan is just a blow in air; similarly a plan without action is also the same.


Coffee Shop Gurus (A project of Green & White Pakistan) is a Social Enterprise of Social Media Experts. It is Pakistan’s First Incubator platform to promote youth entrepreneurship and women entrepreneurship in Pakistan. It operates by providing Social Media Services and Internet Marketing Services to corporate sector and also by Corporate Social responsibility partnerships. Contact us at info [at] greenwhitepakistan [dot] org.

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21st Century Trends in Entrepreneurship

21st Century Trends in Entrepreneurship
The Trends in Entrepreneurship

21st Century Trends in EntrepreneurshipThe 21st Century began with a boom in all the fields whether it’s technology or academia. Technology remains flourishing till now and new researches keep on inventing every single day. As well as academia is concerned, a discipline like Entrepreneurship keeps on progressing with targeting domains. There are new trends seen in Entrepreneurship. From the start of 21st century till now it continues to emerge. More and more people seeks interest in this discipline of academia.

Some of the new trends that have been seen in Entrepreneurship are the areas which this discipline coveres. The areas in which Entrepreneurship is applied in order to make better business are as follows:

Venture Financing

Venture Financing consist of both venture capital and angel capital. It has a mix of other financing methods that helps the business to flourish that emerged with an exceptional strength, powering entrepreneurship in the twenty-first century. Read more ›

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Creativity – A necessity for survival of Entrepreneurs

Creativity - A necessity for survival of Entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurial Creativity

Creativity - A necessity for survival of Entrepreneurs

Creativity is the ability to develop new ideas and to discover new ways of looking at opportunities and finding a new method for the change. Creativity cannot be undercut if the mindset is of high level. Creativity always caused a change whether it’s Apple, IBM, Oracle or Microsoft. These names are definitely fascination but do you know that this would not be possible in the absence of creativity. When developing creative solutions to modern problems, entrepreneurs must go beyond merely relying on what has worked in the past. Past experiences shape the way in which we perceive the world around us. (We always do in the same way). Read more ›

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The Top 5 Myths of Entrepreneurship

The Top 5 Myths of Entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurship Myths | Don’t Let Them Take You

The Top 5 Myths of Entrepreneurs | Coffee Shop GurusEntrepreneurship is the process of discovering new ways of combining resources. When the market value generated by this new combination of resources is greater than the market value these resources can generate elsewhere individually or in some other combination, the entrepreneur makes a profit. – Library of Economics and Liberty

The Top 5 Myths of Entrepreneurs | Coffee Shop GurusFollowing are the Top 5 Myths about entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is a discipline that is still emerging and a lot of research and study is being carried about in this area but still people talk and say much Folklore about entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs, Some of them are explained below:

1. Entrepreneurs Are Doers, Not Thinkers

Entrepreneurs are always considered as Doers but not the thinkers, but did anyone ever think this that if they wouldn’t “THINK” about doing something, how they will do it. So they always thinks, and then transforms his thinking into reality by doing it.

2. Entrepreneurs Are Born, Not Made

Entrepreneurs are always considered to be born. Most of the them exhibit traits that will take them to new heights. These traits include initiative, drive, and a willingness to take risks, analytical ability and a skill in human relations. This thought about them is wrong as the creativity can be learned so as these traits as well. It merely depends upon the thinking, how they take things and adapts them.

3. All Entrepreneurs Need Is Money

No doubt money is important and necessary for every startup but still money can’t take it all. It’s the vision and initiative that takes him to the 7th Sky not the money. When they builds a business, money always chases him. So money is not all his need but his need always revolves around new ideas and initiatives to build bigger and bigger businesses.

4. Entrepreneurs Are Always Inventors

The idea that entrepreneurs are inventors is never true. Yes it is true that they always remain in the process of inventing new inventions, new business but sometimes they seek the old inventions, old businesses find a niche in the society where the businesses are lacking and then transforms these businesses into a new way according to the trends and demands what a society needs.

5. All Entrepreneurs Need Is Luck

Being in “the right place at the right time” is what we called “Luck”. But sometimes being at the right place at the right time never brings you everything. Luck Happens when preparation meets opportunity. Prepared entrepreneurs who seized the opportunity when it arises often seems “lucky”. For an Entrepreneur, what appears to be luck is actually Preparation, determination, desire, knowledge and innovativeness.


Coffee Shop Gurus (A project of Green & White Pakistan) is a Social Enterprise of Social Media Experts. It is Pakistan’s First Incubator platform to promote youth entrepreneurship and women entrepreneurship in Pakistan. It operates by providing Social Media Services and Internet Marketing Services to corporate sector and also by Coporate Social Resposibility partnerships. Contact us at info [at] greenwhitepakistan [dot] org.

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Entrepreneurial Success Story | From Pencil Sketches To Animation House

Entrepreneurial Success Story of Mr. Arijit Bhattacharyya
Entrepreneurial Success Story of Mr. Arijit Bhattacharyya
Entrepreneurial Success Story of Mr. Arijit Bhattacharyya

Mr. Arijit Bhattacharyya, Founder & CEO of VIC Computers

Mr. Arijit Bhattacharyya is the Founder & CEO of VIC Computers, Founder of Sportszonein and Founder of Virtual Game Developer. An Entrepreneur from Kolkata, India, his involvement with software engineering began in 1996 when he took up basic programming as a hobby. Throughout the next three years this developed into a fascination with both electronics and software development.

The Inspirational Story

In his early school days, Mr. Bhattacharyya, used to draw comics characters, and wrote his first comic book that included design, writing and dialogs. Although his teacher never encouraged him doing the comics but yet, they were impressed by his drawings. His father and mother used to tell him fictional inspirational stories. At a very early stage during his Grade 7, he decided that he wanted to become an entrepreneur. He dreamt to do something for his country by recruiting people as well as spreading happiness amongst them. Read more ›

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How You Can Be A Creative Entrepreneur?

creative entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurs Are Creative

creative entrepreneurshipIt is said that Entrepreneurs are born creators. The element of creativity is a must have element in the personality of an Entrepreneur. But…

What exactly Creativity is?

Creativity is the generation of ideas that helps an entrepreneur in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of a system.

What if an entrepreneur lacks creativity?

Nothing to worry about, because now creativity is considered as an art like other arts that can be learned and improved. Creativity is a small notion of a critical thinking process that helps building creativity of an entrepreneur.

The critical thinking process consists of four stages i.e. from background or knowledge accumulation to evaluation and implementation.

Let’s see how these four stages help an entrepreneur to develop creativity.

Background & Knowledge Accumulation

First stage is the Background or the knowledge accumulation, for this stage an entrepreneur must be prepared with the absolute knowledge that will help him differentiating himself from others. An entrepreneur must have knowledge of his domain. For collecting this background knowledge, he can search and try many ways such as excessive reading, join professional groups and attend exclusive meetings and seminars, travel to new places, talk to anyone and everyone about his subject, carry a notebook wherever he goes and write down useful information that will ultimately help him in building creativity.

Incubation Process

Second phase is the Incubation Process, An entrepreneur can also go for the incubation process when it comes to creativity, in an incubation process, an entrepreneur let’s his subconscious to work on the problem area. The routine activities that an entrepreneur can perform in Incubation process is doing mindless activities (cutting the grass. Painting the house), think about the problem before going to sleep, meditate or practice self-hypnosis etc.

Idea Experience

Third phase is the idea experience in which an entrepreneur for the solution of the idea is discovered and he got the real experience of how things will carry out. Like the incubation process, sometimes the idea come out of the blue and here the entrepreneur realize what exactly he is looking for. Some ways to speed up the idea experience process are: daydream and fantasize about your project, practice your hobbies, work in a leisurely environment, put the problem on the back burner, take break while working etc.

Evaluation & Implementation

The fourth and the last stage is the evaluation and implementation, Most of the time successful entrepreneurs discover the idea that are workable through their skills so that they can implement it and transform it into reality. Revoking of ideas also helps a lot in this phase in which the rough idea from the stage 3 can be put into the final form. Some quick ways for carrying out this phase are: increase your energy level with proper exercise, test your ideas with other people, listen to your own hunches and feelings, educate yourself in a selling process etc.

These four stages help a lot in enhancing the element of creativity in an Entrepreneur.


Coffee Shop Gurus is a Social Enterprise and an incubator for young and women entrepreneurs, where they join hands with experts and bring to reality their entrepreneurial ideas. It is being run by Social Media Experts of Pakistan


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Don’t Burn Your Wings, Keep Struggling

Learn to fly

I hate my job .I don’t like my boss .I don’t want to work here, I don’t like this home… Many other words that are used by different people for their homes, offices or any other concerned surroundings.

Don’t burn your wings at the beginning if they don’t help you fly…One day you will fly

Learn to flyWhen you say any of the above line you send an SMS to your brain telling that you hate what you do. Your mind updates the same info in your saved CV. So whenever you enter your workplace or home your subconscious mind immediately tells you that you don’t like this place.

Your mind has the power of sending signals to you, following the instruction of your mind you develop an attitude to accept what your mind has told you .In fact it is all what you already have told your mind to do.

So to break the habit of doing all this stuff you must change the context and matter what you use to send to your brain. Start flying in the air with the power of mind. Successful people never doubted about their capabilities. It was the power of their mind which led them towards their goals. One has to accept the reality that the world has a habit of making room for the person who knows what he is doing and where he is going. Know your limits and you will move faster towards your destiny.  These phenomena’s look so awkward for people to accept but they really work .Train your brain to accept the challenges and those challenges will come up with opportunities. Read more ›

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Building Successful Teams | The Team Building

Successful Team Building

team buildingFor any idea implementation you must need a team .Without team building you cannot grow or develop. Alone you can just generate an idea but for result based work you have to form a successful team. Following are some the key steps you can adopt to form a success and result based team building.

Effective and Solid Planning

Plans will be drawn up and approved. People will receive copies of the plan and sweats will be made to ensure everyone understands it. Progress will be observed against the plan. Trainings will be learned along the way that will be used to improve the next phase. Anything less will lead at best to averageness and underachievement. Read more ›

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5 Must Have’s If You Want To Be An Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs! Do You Have It?

People spend their lives in working for their own businesses but some of them succeed. There are various reasons that lead to success and also failure. Some of the facts that are mostly negated are that entrepreneurs have to develop some of the most common qualities of successful entrepreneurs.

If we look at the stories of successful entrepreneurs we can sum up some of the common qualities which they developed and transformed not only their own lives but of others as well. One good thing about any certain quality is that you can develop it and this is the one best thing which entrepreneurs can even learn how to develop. Here are the best qualities of successful entrepreneurs: Read more ›

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