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How Social Are The Fortune 500 CEOs? | The presence on Social Media


Are CEOs on Social Media? This is great research by on the social presence and activity of the CEOs listed in the Fortune 500. This infographics shows us that hardly any CEO listed in the Fortune 500 is active

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Is Google Plus a Failure? | Funny Infographics on Social Media

social media wars

Who is the Social Media’s Daddy? On internet, its the war of social media platforms. Each trying to out grow other. In these wars it is interesting to know the standing of the social media by internet giant Google. This

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Top 3 Strategies On “How To build An Engaged & Capivated Audience?”


Getting audience to use your product Contents’ headlines, are like the tag line of the brand, they should have a punch The success of online products especially the blogs depends on the audience. The greater the audience, the greater the

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Social Media: Sigh of Relief for Parents | A Real Life Story


A simple solution to big worries Social media has almost become the primary mode of communication. It has taken over emailing, texting and even emailing in some cases. It is interesting that how unconsciously, the use of social media has brought

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Social Media Management at Fingertips | Facebook’s Page Manager App


On the go Social Media Management of Facebook Pages The technology today is advancing with the speed of light. This advancement helps us to keep up with the pace of life. Social Media Management demands attention. When products and organizations

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Social Media In The Hospitality Industry [Infographics]


An Other Social Media Revolution Social media has had a huge impact on every industry across the world and travel is no exception. The role of social media now plays a key part in the consumers travel experience; from how

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Social Media to Social Action- The Top 5 Social Goods


Translating Social Action to Social Media Today’s age is the age of social media and brings along the inspirations of social action. Social entrepreneurship is gaining popularity. Entrepreneurs look for creating social change as they climb up the ladder of

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Getting Social in the Super Market | Social Media and Super Market Industry


Social media revolution in FMCG industry Social media is influencing and revolutionizing businesses in the most unique way. It is being effectively used to attract customer in number of ways. This includes pushing content to the customer, giving special discounts

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Google+ vs Facebook | A guide to social media brand page strategy


All about the social media pages The online world is all about social media and it is not a fad. Social media marketing is not only complimenting offline marketing but is also taking off as an individual and stand alone

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Improvising Social Media Marketing Through Social Networking


Time to pimp the social networking! Social Networking works as honey on the top when it comes to improvising. Social networking can help you improvising things not only with in the network but also to the network of network. Such

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