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How it works?

Coffee Shop Gurus

Social Media Experts
Promoting youth and women entrepreneurship in Pakistan

War against paper wars | Coffee Shop Gurus

Entrepreneurs are risk takers who defy the primitive thoughts of business to set up success stories. These successful entrepreneurial stories have enough potential to change the world, or at least the neighbourhood. The way Coffee Shop Gurus works is unique. We defy the all the stuff of jotting down large business plans with large amount of seed capital required. We rather push the idea of “What you have”? At Coffee Shop Gurus the learners set the boundaries. Yes! Here all start up come with the level of seed capital they can invest themselves in their entrepreneurial idea, and the team at Coffee Shop Gurus tailor the business plan as the finance available. Coffee Shop Gurus also¬†encourages entrepreneurs by providing seed capitals and micro financing but at a later stage from where the business starts taking a clear shape.

Coffee Shop Gurus believe in entrepreneurship without bars. This means that any to-be entrepreneur can nominate their idea. No restriction for age or gender. Rather the program supports young entrepreneurs especially women entrepreneurs. Even after completion of the batch we remain on close contact with the start ups, reviewing their progress.

The model of Coffee Shop Gurus can also be replicated by applying for a license. To apply for a license, the applicant must attend at least one batch of Coffee Shop Gurus to be eligible for the application process or in the other case can have full involvement of the Team, Coffee Shop Gurus for training execution. However this doesn’t not guarantee a license. The approval of license depends on a strong action plan than mere flowery words. We look for true promotion of entrepreneurship. To apply for the license, email us on info[at] We would reply back at our earliest.

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