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Training process

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Promoting youth and women entrepreneurship in Pakistan

Making to the training process takes a lot of scrutinization of the entrepreneurs. After the nomination of the entrepreneurial projects and the interview process, the projects that make out alive are ready to be the part of Coffee Shop Gurus training process. To make the entrepreneurial projects successful, they go under rigorous training for 5 weeks. The meetings are held every Saturday, during the training session, which are mandatory for the entrepreneurs to attend. Be sure that you can attend all the meetings as skipping any session means that you would be dropped out would never again be a chance to join Coffee Shop Gurus. Each week is focused for a certain process. After meeting the entrepreneurs are required to dedicatedly work on the processes defined. Each weeks’ tasks shall be complete with in the given time. Each week process is carefully designed by the Coffee Shop Gurus team to bring out the best value from the activities undertaken. These unique activities are made in line with the requirements of the today’s world. Here is the week break down:

Week 1: Idea Tailoring & Branding

The successful interview process of the entrepreneurs leads to the real game. Entrepreneurship is no piece of cake and requires serious determination. Also be ready to get strong view points about your entrepreneurial idea. The view points come from the accomplished people and practising entrepreneurs. In this meeting session, the pitch of the idea is decided. This pitch is what would finally go as a final product in front of the customers.

Week 2: Business Planning

Idea Tailoring & Branding leads to business planning. This where everything is calculated and determined. It all about having an in depth knowledge about the plunge you are going to take. Though simple yet powerful tools of research on the business have been developed by Coffee Shop Gurus. These tools help in strengthening  the entrepreneurial idea. They also nearly eliminate entrepreneur’s reason of failure. This is considered as the most pain staking process by the team. The calculation are made as precise as possible. This process helps in a sharper focus as greater the focus better the results.

Week 3: Marketing on Social Media and Internet

The previous 2 weeks of thorough process development brings down the ideas to 3rd week. From here take off the development to face the customers. Coffee Shop Gurus gives basic start from social media and internet presence. The base is no doubt either your room or your garage. This is done to reduce the investment stakes for the budding entrepreneurs.  The social media presence is the best tool in today’s world. Internet presence make you vocal enough to be heard world wide. The physical boundaries are eliminated and the number of possibilities reach to infinity. World’s greatest success stories have started from the garage.

Week 4: Sales & Networking

Groomed over the past weeks the entrepreneurial idea is ready to sit in place and face the customers. Yes! This week is all about sales and networking. The product is finally ready and your presence in known by the your customers. Time to witness all your hard word crawl towards reality. Capturing first customers, negotiating with them and networking for further development are the key aspects of this week.

Week 5: Reviews

Done with everything but still the job is not over. The work done over the period of 4 weeks is reviewed and final tweaks are done before the entrepreneurs are set to sail on their own. This week is energized by the joy holding a new born entrepreneurial idea. From here onwards the entrepreneurs nourish and care for their idea.

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