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Professional Servcies

Coffee Shop Gurus

Social Media Marketing & Internet Marketing Experts
Promoting youth and women entrepreneurship in Pakistan

The team of Coffee Shop Gurus comprises of professional and masters of the trade from the field of Social Media, Internet Marketing & Branding. The team provides professional services in the following area at nominal cost:

  1. Search Engine Optimization- SEO services
  2. Corporate Blogging Services
  3. Blog Development Services
  4. Website Development Services
  5. Social Media Activation Services
  6. Social Media Marketing & Strategy Services
  7. Social Media Management & Integration Services
  8. Search Engine Marketing Services
  9. Branding Campaigns Services
Search Engine Optimization
The ease that computers have provided to world, has brought challenges to the business world. With 29 Million searches per minute on Google alone it is important to be available in search then you are being look for. Search engine optimization is process of making you website more accessible and authentic for search engines. It must be noted that S.E.O is slow and pain staking process if you are looking for long time results. Usually optimization companies provide quicker methods but if Google applies strict update policies the sites fall dramatically and some times even end up with banned domain names on search engines. Remember no one can guarantee number one position on Google, read the official statement here.
Corporate Blogging
Corporate Blogging is a process for sharing information with your customers and clients. In corporate blogging the companies or organizations write blogs on their specified niches and market. It can be about market information, about products or just general articles on the subjects related to the company. This process works wonders. As a database of information builds by in a certain fashion, it builds up your credibility on the internet and search engines rate your website higher. This ends up in bringing down more hits to your website and helps in conversions from site visitor to customer.
Blog Development
We offer professional services on developing blogs and online optimization. Blog is the front face of companies, professional and even ordinary people. Its a tool that lets the world know your thoughts. The projection, then it comes to blogs, is enormous. Coffee Shop Guru’s professional team is an expert at setting the front face and back end of the blogs. The team has an experience of setting a number of blogs that are a success for their initial design and back end development.
Website Development
Top notch services are provided when it comes to website development. We specialize in website development of all kinds and quality work is produced in all domains. The customer requirements are carefully catered. With the ultimate goal of customer pleasure and building value for the customer, the team crafts specialized and unique designs for each of client. We take pain for our client and bring out master pieces.
Social Media Activation
The companies are sending millions for branding and brand activation activities. This is to increase the awareness about the brand and attract new customers. However it is a painstaking and hard on pocket process. The wide spread of social media has made it easy to interact with customers. Though many customers are not online still a great number can be indulged into discussion and possible conversion. The way how social media works is referral based content, so great fans on social media can bring in more referrals and customers. This process is further boosted with Social Media Activations as geographic boundaries are eliminated. The branding activities performed on social media are way much interactive and exact results can be seen onspot.
Social Media Marketing & Strategy
Its not only Social Media Activation that the channel is viable for. With the trend of prospect customers available online, every one from top of the line brands to localized business are having active and interactive social media presence with their customers. Proper Social Media Marketing strategies can help in boosting sales and more importantly satisfied customers. Properly implemented strategies increase brand awareness and add to the credibility.
Social Media Management & Integration
After branding activities and building strategies to market your brand, comes the requirement of managing the brand on social media and integrate the offline or traditional marketing process with the social media marketing. It is important that there is a 2 way handshake between the online and offline marketing. Especially it is important that social media presence is visible in the offline marketing. The offline branding activities should also bring the customers to online media likewise.
Search Engine Marketing
This is process of getting paid traffic from the Search Engine results. Have you ever noticed the ads from Adwords on the top of the 1st page of the Google’s search results. Yes! This is what drives in S.E.M traffic. Though an expensive process, yet it can bring great results to consumer focused business especially to those who reply on traffic from search. S.E.M is a recommended step in the start of S.E.O. Later, when S.E.O results emerge, S.E.M strategies and processes can be redefined.
Branding Campaigns
The team at Coffee Shop Gurus also offer services services for offline branding campaigns. This includes brand activation activities, corporate events and managing corporate presence at all types of national and international exhibitions.

The team has over 6 years of experience and have rendered their services for the organizations like Infotech Group, Huawei,, P@SHA and many more. The services provided by the team are top notch and results are not only vivid but are long term.
The proceedings from the services provided are contributed towards the goal of Coffee Shop Gurus of promoting entrepreneurship. For hiring our professional services and getting details feel free to write to us at: info [at]


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